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Welcome to LBO Financing, your trusted resource for introductions to the M&A industry's top alternative to bank financing, cash flow based and asset based lenders, to fund your roll-up or platform company.

It only takes 5-7 minutes to fill out the placement match form but on average our clients save 2190+ hours in research time, allowing you to focus on your most important tasks - sourcing and closing your leveraged buyout acquisitions.

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To save acquisition entrepreneurs thousands of hours sourcing LBO capital providers and introducing them to the best financial resources available.

Our LBO lending partners and network of private investors work with each individual independent sponsor and acquisition entrepreneur to put together the right acquisition funding plan for your buyout needs.

Our team of Leveraged Buyout funding experts provide a transparent, cost-effective capital solution.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the broader needs of the self funded search and we support you as a colleague by connecting you to our financial partners who can address your business acquisition needs.

Additionally, we are always in the market for new lending relationships and partnerships with complementary capital providers.

Don’t waste anymore time searching for traditional lending sources, click the form and start CLOSING DEALS!

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